Integrating with Hubspot

👉 With the HubSpot integration, you can easily track all of the members in your HubSpot community and enrich the contact information and track your team’s engagement, as well as the outreach your team makes to your members, prospects, leads and current customers.

Our reporting in HubSpot tracks membership and activity across your HubSpot database. 

  1. In your Commsor account, select Settings in the main navigation bar, and then select Integrations from the settings side menu.
  2. Select Connect under the HubSpot integration box.
  3. Follow the instructions to connect your HubSpot account to Commsor.

Using the Hubspot Integration
Once integrated, Commsor will create new or add to existing member records that match the email addresses in your HubSpot account. In your member's profiles in Commsor, you will see the integration shown like below. For most Community Managers, the Hubspot integration is all about enrichment! Contact information, social handles, and interactions with your campaigns will be displayed in the profiles of Hubspot-linked members. 

If you want to more closely track the activities and members of certain lists, you can add several lists by using the drop down menu to connect the lists you have created in Hubspot:

Below is all the fields Commsor stores from a Hubspot integration. it is not possible to display custom fields or properties in Commsor that are generated in Hubspot. 

  • Member un-/subscribed to newsletter (STATUSCHANGE)
  • Member opened a newsletter (OPEN)
  • Member Clicked a link in a newsletter (CLICK)
  • Email Sent to, or Received from the member (EMAIL)
  • Meeting booked (MEETING)
  • Call happened (CALL)
  • Hubspot Contact Fax Number
  • Hubspot Contact ZIP code
  • Hubspot Contact City
  • Hubspot Contact Phone Number
  • Hubspot Photo
  • Hubspot Contact State/Region
  • Hubspot Contact Email
  • Hubspot Contact Address
  • Hubspot Contact Company name
  • Hubspot Contact Country/Region
  • Hubspot Contact Message
  • Hubspot Contact Website
  • Hubspot Contact Full Name
  • Hubspot Contact Industry
  • Hubspot Contact Job Title
  • Hubspot Contact Last Name
  • Hubspot Contact Date of Becoming Customer
  • Hubspot Contact First Name
  • Hubspot Contact Create Date
  • Hubspot Contact Salutation
  • Hubspot Contact Mobile Phone Number
  • Hubspot Contact Number of Employees
  • Hubspot Contact Annual Revenues
  • Hubspot Contact Twitter Followers
  • Hubspot Contact Twitter Handle
  • Hubspot Member Delete Date
  • Hubspot Contact Life Cycle Stage
  • Hubspot List Disconnection Date
  • Hubspot Contact Profile Photo
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