Integrating with Zapier

👉  With the Zapier integration, you can easily track all of the members and activity from your Zapier integrations and can view them directly in Commsor. 

Integration Requirements

  • You'll need login credentials for your Zapier account. 

Install the Zapier Integration

  1. In your Commsor account, click Settings in the main navigation bar, and then select Integrations from the settings side menu.
  2. Click on Connect under the Zapier integration box.
  3. Once you click Connect, the Zapier Channel ID and API token will be revealed and you can take them over to your Zapier account. 
  4. From there, the Zapier Channel ID and API token will be used as a means of authentication when you start to set up zaps for Commsor via Zapier. 
  5. Your Zapier integration is now active!  

Creating a Zap for Commsor

 1. When you log in to Zapier, you're prompted to create a Zap

2. Any app that Zapier integrates with can trigger an action. Once you've chosen a trigger you'd like to use and you hit Continue, you'll then want to select Commsor as your app of choice.

3. Once you've found Commsor in your search, you can pick one of the options listed in the dropdown menu. 4. From there, you can connect your Channel ID and API token which will grant you authorization to set up your action in Zapier. 

5. Once you set up the action you want included in Commsor and there are no errors when testing the action, all you have to do is click Turn on Zap and you're done!

Zapier FAQ

What does the integration do and what can I expect to see when I integrate my Zapier account? 

Currently, our Zapier integration allows customers to create members, update members, and create activities in a Zapier channel in Commsor, using data from the thousands of apps on Zapier that can trigger a Zap. 

Customers can expect to see "Create/Update Channel Member in the Zapier Channel" and "Create Activity in the Zapier Channel" Commsor as actions in Zapier, when setting up a Zap.

The best use case for our Zapier integration is if you have several member records that currently exist in another tool, but you'd like to bring them over to Commsor through Zapier. 

What admin details are required? What steps are needed to integrate?

As long as you have a Zapier account you're good to go! Do keep in mind that there are different pricing levels based on your Zapier usage. 

What's an API and how is it different than Zapier?

APIs are lists of functions (endpoints) that allow you to access features or pieces of a software. We call this collection an "interface" and it is all done in code. Zapier is essentially a visual layer on top of the code only interface. It allows you to access the endpoints but not have to interact with the code itself. 

Can I use Zapier or an API to get data out of Commsor?

Right now you can use Zapier or an API to bring information into Commsor. That said, we do have plans for you to be able to pull data from Commsor via Zapier or an API soon. 

Is Commsor a searchable app on Zapier's website? 


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