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You have questions about the data you’re seeing in Commsor and we have answers! Below, we’ll talk through the sources of Clearbit data, how Clearbit authenticates and validates these data points before surfacing them for use, the data coverage you can expect to see, and the freshness of these data points. A full list of the available data points can be found here.

Where are you getting the data I'm seeing in Commsor? 

The data you’re seeing is provided by Clearbit. Its technology will look through 200+ publicly and privately available sources before surfacing data points. Sources that it’ll look through include: Wikipedia, Bloomberg, Google Finance, public filings, a company’s site, Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub. 

How do you authenticate the data? 

For precision, the email address is used for authentication. From there, the tech crawls all publicly and privately available sources to validate the data points that are associated with the email that’s in use.

What can I expect?

Clearbit has a strict verification process and will only return data that we’re confident in. The general rule of thumb is that if an individual has a strong online presence (e.g. their socials like Facebook, Twitter, GitHub are built out), you can expect to see a full set of person and company data points being returned for this person. However, the contrary is true and when there’s a newer or invalid email in use, the tech will struggle in verifying data points to return. Knowing this, it’s good to know that the results and capabilities of Clearbit aren’t limited by geography. If an individual’s data exists in the world, we will find it for you!

When a corporate email is in use, you can expect to see a fuller set of data being returned for where the individual works. We’ll still return company data for emails from free email providers (e.g. @gmail,, but the results will vary and largely depend on an individual’s online presence and the longevity of the sources.  

How fresh is the data? 

The member data you’re seeing will never be more than 3 months old. The company data you’re seeing will never be more than one month old. We look for newly available data to verify every day so you have a fresh, high quality dataset to work with.

Tell me about coverage

Clearbit has added in 40 million new employment data points while removing stale employment data points. This change has improved our employment data coverage rate to +26% higher than what we were previously able to return, with a +23% increase in freshness on personal data. 

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