👉 The Reports tab lets you see some high level metrics about your community at a glance. You'll be able to see how many members are in your community, as well as how active those members are within specific platforms.


Under the 'Reports' tab, you'll see two report options: Members and Activities. In the Members report, you'll be able to see your total member count for each specific channel (Slack, Circle, Mailchimp, etc.), as well as a total count for your current active members. In the Activities report, you'll be able to view both the totals and breakdowns of specific member activities such as Slack reactions, messages, thread replies, and more. 

For both of these report types, you'll have the option to customize the date range or select a specific number of days from our dropdown menu. 


  • The percents reflect the change from the period previous to the date range selected
  • Viewing reports weekly can help you correlate your engagements and recent events to what works with your communities
  • Learn about great Metrics in our blog, here!  
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