Sending Swag with SwagUp

👉 Our swag feature allows you to easily connect your SwagUp account to Commsor, enabling you to quickly send swag to your community members and track your orders without ever having to leave Commsor. 

Integration Requirements

  • You will need login credentials for your SwagUp account. 
  • You will need to have some inventory already in SwagUp (you'll want to make sure you have some items to choose from once you add SwagUp to your Commsor account). 

Install the SwagUp Integration

  • In your Commsor account, select the Swag tab located on your left sidebar. 
  • Once there, select Connect my SwagUp account. 
  • Enter your SwagUp login credentials.
  • Once your SwagUp account is connected, you will return to a Shipments table where you can create your first order! 

Creating a Swag Order in Commsor 

  • To send swag to your community members, start by selecting Create Order. 
  • From there, select the recipient(s) who will be receiving the swag (feel free to search for the member in the search bar or use specific filters to identify a group of community members).  
  • Next, select the shipping date and the items you'd like to send from the inventory listed. 
  • Once you've selected the date and items you'd like to send, select Next and begin customizing your email that will be sent to all members you selected previously (💡pro tip: don't forget to preview your email before sending).

  • In addition to customizing the email that will be sent to your community members, you'll also want to customize the landing page by providing an email address (for contact purposes if the member needs to reach out to you) and a logo. 
  • After you've customized your email and landing page, you can review your order. If everything looks accurate, select Place order

Confirming Your Swag Order and Tracking Shipments

  • Once you've created your order, all members that were selected to receive swag will be sent an email asking them to confirm their physical address, as well as confirm some additional information (such as t-shirt size). 
  • After your members receive the email and confirm their information, you'll be notified via email and will be asked to view and confirm the shipment directly in Commsor. 

  • Once you review the order (at this stage, you will be able to view more accurate shipping costs and shipping dates) and everything looks correct, select Confirm and Ship and you're all set! 
  • For all active and future orders, you'll be able to track their status directly in Commsor.

Swag FAQ

I'm noticing that there is a price range listed when I go to schedule the shipping date for my swag in Commsor. What does this mean? 

Different locations cost different amounts, and different items will cost different amounts which is why we aim to provide you with an estimate prior to the order being fulfilled. Rest assured that we'll never charge you without giving you a more exact estimate once your member has provided more specific location details. You'll be able to confirm the shipping estimate and additional details before you confirm the order. 

Can I send swag to multiple community members at once? 

Absolutely! You can use the filter feature to quickly surface lists of community members that fit a certain criteria. 

Can I select another swag vendor to use in Commsor?  

Currently we have only partnered with SwagUp, but feel free to send us an email at to let us know which vendor you currently use and we'll look into it! 

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