The Company View

👉 With the Company view, you can easily see which companies exist in your community, as well as track how many members in your community belong to those particular companies. 

Company View

In the Companies tab, you'll get a list of all the companies present in your community. You'll be able to see the company name, website, member count, and the date that the company was first present in your community. 

To receive notifications when specific companies initially join your community, you can enable Key Account Tracking.

Company Segmentation

While you're able to view the total number of members in your community who belong to a specific company in the Company View, you might want to track which individual members belong to each company. To do that, you'll want to set up a smart segment in the Segments tab - this will allow you to quickly access which specific members belong to specific companies. 

Company Profile

For each company listed in your Companies tab, you'll also be able to view their individual profile that includes more specific information about the company (industry, website, description, social media, etc.). 

To view a company's profile, click the Profile button next to their name.

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