Engagement Scoring

šŸ‘‰Engagement scoring  allows you to easily find your most active and inactive members in specific channels or across multiple channels while also being able to track community engagement over time. 

How Engagement Scoring Works

To determine scores for member engagement, Commsor tracks and measures member engagement by  frequency, recency, and impact. These scores are based off of member activity in specific channels, but are then compiled together for an overall engagement score across all channels. 

šŸ”„Frequency = how often a member engages with the community 

ā°Recency = how recently a member has engaged with the community  

šŸ’„Impact = how much engagement/influence a particular member has within the community 

Member Engagement Labels & Definitions 

The engagement score each member receives, based on the criteria outlined above, will be reflected with a label on each Member profile. Not only will you be able to view a member's overall engagement score (across multiple channels), but you'll also be able to see their score per channel (Slack, Twitter, GitHub, etc.). This allows you to quickly filter and identify your super users, active members, inactive members, and more. 

šŸ¦øSuper User:  your most active, engaged, and influential members

šŸ’Top Member: very active and engaged members with some influence

šŸ‹ļøActive Member:  frequently active and engaged with some influence

šŸ™‹Member: infrequently active with minimal engagement and influence

šŸ‘€Observer: infrequently active with no engagement or influence

šŸ‘»Inactive Member: no recent activity of any kind

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