Member Audit

👉 When you enable Member Audit, Commsor will automatically select a random community member from your community and will send you a reminder via email to check-in on that member and engage with them. 

With Member Audit, you'll have the opportunity to connect with members that may not be on your radar on a regular basis, and you can decide how often you'd like to receive notifications about these members (daily, weekly, or monthly). 

Enabling Member Audit 

To enable your Member Audit, go to  Your Account ⭢ Settings ⭢ Member Audit.

1. Under 'Enabled', click Yes

2. Once you click Yes, select your cadence by choosing Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Do keep in mind that, if you have multiple team members using Commsor, you'll still be able to individually set up your own preferred Member Audit cadences and each person will receive different members via email to engage with. 

3. Click Save and you're all set! 

Receiving Member Audit Email Notifications 

Once you've enabled Member Audit, you'll start to receive email notifications to the email address tied to your Commsor account based on the cadence you selected. 

The email will include the name of the member that's been selected, some engagement tips and tricks you can use when reaching out to that member, and the ability to view the member's profile directly in Commsor. 

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