Smart and Manual Segmentation

👉 With smart and manual segmentation, you can easily track community members based on specific criteria (level of engagement, social media presence, company, etc.) to better understand the impact of their presence at a glance. 

Smart segmentation allows you to define a certain criteria that our system then uses to automatically search and segment the specific members that should be part of that segment based on your set criteria. 

Smart segment example: 

  • "I will title this smart segment 'People of Commsor' and everyone whose 'company' field is set to 'Commsor' will automatically be added to this segment".
  • Every new community member with their company set to 'Commsor' will automatically appear in the segment, and any existing member whose company changes to 'Commsor' will also appear in the segment. If an existing member's company changes from 'Commsor' to 'FooCorp', they will be automatically removed from the segment. 

Manual segmentation allows you to create more unique or specific segments where you manually select which member should be added to the segment. 

Manual segment example: 

  • "I will title this manual segment 'People of Commsor' and I will add Katelyn, Mac, Alex, etc."  
  • In this example, no new member will be added to this list automatically and must be added manually. If an existing member's company changes from 'Commsor' to 'FooCorp' on the list, they will have to be manually removed from the segment. 

To determine whether or not you should use smart or manual segmentation, think about the following:

  • If there is already a filter or property within Commsor that meets the criteria for the segment you want to create, you should create a smart segment. 
  • If not (or if you specifically want your segment to not change automatically), you should create a manual segment. 

Smart Segmentation 

Smart segmentation enables you to define and automatically track certain criteria for your members - once you set up the segment, our system will automatically update the segment for you as new members fit the criteria over time by adding or removing members when their criteria changes. 

Setup a Smart Segment:

  1. Click on the Segments tab (located next to the Members tab). 
  2. Click the + New Segment button. 
  3. Once there, select 'Smart' and enter a segment name (be sure to choose a name that helps you easily identify that particular segment
  4. Add your specific criteria from the properties listed by clicking + Add filter - you can have multiple filters applied to one smart segment. 
  5. Once you've chosen specific properties for your criteria, click 'Create Segment'. Moving forward, all members who meet the criteria you've selected will automatically be added to this list. 

Manual Segmentation 

If you want to create segments outside of the criteria that is available to you, you can create manual segments. These segments have to be manually updated and do not automatically change over time like smart segments. 

Setup a Manual Segment:

  1. Click on the Segments tab (located next to the Members tab). 
  2. Click the + New Segment button. 
  3. Once there, select 'Manual' and enter a segment name (be sure to choose a name that helps you easily identify that particular segment).
  4. Once you've titled the segment, add the members you want by using their name or email address.
  5. After all members have been added, click 'Create Segment'

Viewing your Segments 

Once you've created your segments, you'll be able to view them directly in your Member dashboard by adding segments as a new column. 

Quick Add to Segments 

You can quickly add members to specifics segments directly from each member's profile, as well as create new manual segments (which will automatically get added to a member's profile). 

Segments FAQ

How should I use segments?

The most important thing to note when it comes to creating segments in Commsor is that you can create both smart and manual segments. Smart segments are based off of the data we're already collecting in Commsor and get updated automatically whereas manual segments allow you to create more unique or specific segments and are updated manually.

Why should I set up segments? Can't I just filter information directly in the Member dashboard?

While you can filter specific information directly in your Member dashboard, segments save you time in the long run! Once you add members to a segment, you'll be able to see what segment each member belongs to when you look at their Member profile.

How does Commsor use segments for Community Club?

We use segments to track members who are participating in our mentorship programs, long-time participants, Commsor pilot customers, members who have clicked on Mailchimp emails, etc.

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