Member Activity Feed

👉The activity feed allows you to track specific metrics and activities from your members and are displayed on each member's profile (for example, "Sent a Slack message"). You can also create custom activities, which gives you the ability to track one-time actions that can't be automated (for example, "Wrote a blog post about us").

Activity Feed 

Every member has an activity feed in their Member Profile. To access the activity feed, access the Community tab, select a member’sProfile ⭢ and select Activity Feed. If the member has been active, you'll see a series of actions listed in the feed. If there are multiple activities on the same day with the same tool (multiple Slack messages, for example), you'll be able to select the drop down button to see each individual action. 

Create a Custom Activity

  1. To create custom activities for a specific member, hover over the name of that member in the Member Dashboard and select the Profile button. 
  2. From there, select on the Activity Feed section of the Member profile. 
  3. At the top of the activity feed, select + Add Custom Activity.

4. Once there, you'll be able to select the type of activity you want to add, as well as the date, time, link to the activity (if applicable) and any additional notes you'd like to include about the activity. 

5. Click Add Custom Activity and you're set! You'll see the activity listed in the Activity Feed column within the member's profile. 

Manage Custom Activities

To manage or add new custom activities, navigate to  Your Account ⭢ Settings ⭢ Activity Feed

1. To add a new custom activity, click + New Activity Type.

2. Choose an Activity Name and select if you want it counted towards Engagement or Impact (this will factor into your engagement metrics for your members). 

3. Select Add New Custom Activity Type and you're all set! 

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