How to Manually Merge Members

While Commsor does a lot of work to attempt to automatically merge members across various platforms, you may occasionally find a member that wasn't merged automatically. In these cases, you can merge them manually into a single record.

You can undo a merge if you make a mistake. See the bottom of this article for info on how to undo a merge.

Merge Two Members

To merge two members, navigate to Members ⭢ Members and select the member that you'd like to be the primary member. This is the member that your second choice will be merged into.

  1. Click the "..." button in the top right of the member profile, and select the "Merge" option.
  2. In the box that pops up, search by name or email for the member you'd like to merge into the selected primary member. Once you've confirmed your merge choice, click "Merge" to complete the merge.
  3. Once the merge is complete, you'll see the merge member indicator on the primary member profile.

Unmerge Two Members

In order to unmerge two members, select the primary merged member, and then "Manage" next to the merged member info. In the dialogue that appears, you can unmerge members one by one.

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