Viewing and Editing Attributes for Individual Member Profiles

Viewing Attributes

To view all the attributes collected for each member in your community, hover over the name of a member in the Member Dashboard and select the Profile button. 

Under the About section of the Member profile, you'll be able to view some initial attributes for your member such as email, how long they've been a member of your community, and where they are located. To see more attributes that have been collected, select View All Attributes 

Once you're there, you can view all the general attributes that have been collected for each member, as well as attributes that are tied to specific channels. You can also search for specific attributes in the Search Attributes box or hide blank attributes by checking the Hide blank attributes box. 

Editing Attributes

To add specific attributes that might be blank, hover over the attribute and select + Add Value. For certain attributes that may be outdated or incorrect, you can edit the information by hovering over the attribute and selecting the pencil icon.

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