Customizing, Filtering, and Exporting Columns in your Member Dashboard

Customizing Columns in your Member Dashboard

Within your Community Network Manager (CNM), you can select and customize the information you'd like to view for your community members. 

1. To customize the columns you'll see within the Member dashboard, select the '...' on the top right hand side of your Member dashboard. 

2. Select the columns you'd like to see in your Member dashboard by checking each box that applies in the Properties section. 

3. Once you've selected all the properties you'd like to see as columns, you can then rearrange the order of the columns in the Selected Columns section by hovering over individual columns and moving them up or down (the columns at the top of the order will be what you see first in your Member dashboard). 

4. After all the properties have been selected and you've ordered the columns, select 'Save Columns'. Once you return to the Member dashboard, you'll be able to see all the columns you selected. 

You'll be able to edit and reorder these columns at any time by repeating the steps above.  

Filtering Columns 

Now that you've customized your columns, you may want to apply filters to those columns to look more closely at specific information. 

To filter your columns:

1. Select Filter on the top right hand side of your Member dashboard.

2. Select Add filter and select the property value you'd like to see. 

3. To add multiple filters, Select Add filter againto continue adding more. 

4. Once you're done applying filters, Select Add Filter

Exporting Columns

To export your columns into a csv file, Select Export on the top right hand side of your Member dashboard. 

Note: Currently, every property we collect for you in Commsor will be exported when you select Export.

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