Creating a New Event

👉Create events for your community with Commsor’s new event tool! Events are a great way to spread the word about your community, while also providing opportunities for members to get greater value by networking, learning, and attaining their goals.

Not to mention, by using our integrated events tool, a record of their RSVP will be recorded in each attendee’s Commsor OS profile. If the attendee is new to your community and attending an event for the first time, you’ll have that information handy to reach out and engage with them further. And you can learn about members who are in your community and attending your events, to level them up in your community activities by pulling segments and comparing their event attendance to activities in other areas of your community. 

Learn more about how Community Managers are using events in our blog:

Creating a New Event

1. To create a new event (or view past events), select the Events tab. 

2. Once you're under the Events tab, select Create New Event. 

3. From there, add all the relevant details (event title, date and time, etc.) into the event form. 

4. When add an  Event Platform, you can either select Zoom (which is already integrated with Commsor) or Other which allows you to add a specific meeting URL info the event posting (if you select Zoom, you can either manually enter a specific link or you can have a link autogenerated for you).

5. Once you've added all the relevant information needed for your event, select Create Event. 

All event attendees who RSVP to your events will automatically receive a calendar invite. Once the event is over, you can see who attended by selecting on Past Events - you can quickly see the total attendance number or you can select 'View All to see who specifically attended. 


  • Ideal Header image sizes height is 400px, and the width can vary based on screen size. We recommend 400px by 1090px
  • Create the header with the same base color, if the image isn’t fitting perfectly
  • You need to change the slug in recurring events 

Scheduling great events

A great event page starts with a great description. Consider including a full description of the agenda, host’s name, and timing for the event as well as how to contact you if they have questions or trouble accessing the event. 

Include a profile photo! The profile photo should typically be the person who is hosting the event, the featured speaker, or the community manager who can help manage the event logistics. 

Having trouble with the event header image? Event header images appear differently based on how they’re viewed - desktop, tablet, or phone. Consider a free photo resizer to get them to the ideal dimensions, then choosing a background color that matches so it looks sharp!  

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