Setting up your Community Signup Form

πŸ‘‰ Note, this sign up form currently only works for Slack communities who wish to process Slack invites automatically. Broader support for more platforms is in the works.

Setting up your Signup Form

To setup (or manage) your signup form navigate to Your Account β­’ Settings β­’ Signup Form.

  1.  Select the "Connect to Slack" button. Due to the way Slack handles invites, we're required to do a second authorization even if you've already connected the main Commsor Slack integration.
  2. Once you've connected the invite integration to Slack, you'll be asked to setup your signup form. In this view you can select options such as free or paid, automatic or manual approval, custom questions, color, logo, and more.
  3. After selecting your sign up form settings, your sign up form will be available at ``.

Embedding the Signup Form

If you'd prefer to embed your signup form on a custom webpage, then you can do so after setting the form up. Navigate to the Signup Form page in your settings to find the embed code you can use to create your form.

You can find an example of this embedded form in action here.

Managing Pending Applications

If you select "Yes, require approval" in your signup form settings, then new members will have to be approved before receiving their automatic Slack invite. 

To access your pending approvals navigate to your "Members" tab, and then the "Pending Applications" sub-tab.

From here you'll be able to approve or deny any pending applications. If approved, the member will automatically receive a Slack invite. If denied, they will not receive anything. You can view (and undo) denied applications via the "Denied Applications" button in the top right.

πŸ’‘Note: If a member is already in your Slack community, when you click "Approve" that member will not receive an email. However, if a member has been in your Slack before, but deactivated their account, when you click "Approve" they will receive an email to join. 

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