Integrating with Zoom

👉 With the Zoom integration, you can automatically generate unique Zoom IDs for each event you create when using our Events feature. 

Integration Requirements

  • You must have Admin permissions in your Zoom account.
  • You cannot connect multiple Zoom accounts to your Commsor account at the same time.

Install the Zoom Integration

  1. In your Commsor account, click Settings in the main navigation bar, and then select Integrations from the settings side menu.
  2. Click on Connect under the Zoom integration box.
  3. Enter your Zoom login credentials, then click Sign In.
  4. You may be prompted to grant permission for Commsor to access your Zoom account. If so, click Allow.
  5. You'll be redirected back to Commsor. Your Zoom integration is now active!

Using Zoom with Commsor Events

When creating a new event page, you can use your Zoom integration to automatically create a unique Zoom ID, configure your settings, send calendar invites, and track which attendees actually showed up.

  1. From the Events tab, click + Create New Event.
  2. Fill out your event information, and then under Event Registration select Zoom from the dropdown menu.
  3. Under Zoom Link, select Auto Generate. This will enable the integration to generate a unique ID on your behalf.
  4. If you would like attendees to be muted by default when they join, select Yes, mute under Mute Attendees on Entry.
  5. Click Create Event to finish setup, generate your event link and start collecting RSVPs!

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