Integrating with GitHub

👉 With the GitHub integration, you can easily track all of the members in your GitHub community and identify members who are following your open source projects and contributing to your repos. 

Integration Requirements

  • You must have Admin permissions in your GitHub account.
  • You cannot connect multiple GitHub accounts to your Commsor account at the same time, but you can connect multiple repos. 

Install the GitHub Integration

  1. In your Commsor account, click Settings in the main navigation bar, and then select Integrations from the settings side menu.
  2. Click on Connect under the GitHub integration box.
  3. Enter your GitHub login credentials, then click Sign In
  4. You may be prompted to grant permission for Commsor to access your GitHub account. If so, click Allow.
  5. Once you've connected your GitHub account, return to the GitHub integration and select the repos you'd like to connect. 
  6. Your GitHub integration is now active! 
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