Creating Effective Segments to Help You Run Your Community

So you have Commsor set up with integrations feeding in large amounts of member profile and activity information. What next? Making that data actionable to ensure your community continues thriving. 

Commsor OS provides many ways you can organize your data. Need to coordinate invitations to an event in Miami? Pull a segment of your members from Florida. Would you like to understand who are the most frequent commenters in your Slack in order to approach them to become brand ambassadors? Create a smart segment that is up to date at all times.   

If you’re just getting started, read our article on Segment basics, here: Setting up your Audience, Members, and Internal Community Segments. And read about how our community uses segments in our Commsor blog:

Below, we provide great examples of segments you can create. Scroll to each section and learn more! 

  • Role-Based:
  • Location-Based:
  • Activity-Based:
  • Attribute Based:


Enables your team to identify groups based on job role. Some ways this could help you meet your objectives:

  • Identify people who might be good candidates to grow and diversify community chapters
  • Identify users in job roles most relevant to a recent Forum answer/update and send those users content related to the update, driving more traffic and awareness of the Forum
  • Filter to job roles related to an important news update, engaging more users at the perfect time
  • Additional ways to use Role Based segments: 
  • Compare engagement and impact of various segments against each other— are individual contributors or community managers engaging more than members with C-Suite roles? How will that effect your messaging/engagement strategy?


Enables your team to identify groups based on location. Some ways this could help you meet your objectives:

  • Identify people in less-served locations for a self-organized community chapter, then reach out to good fit candidates in the location
  • Filter to identify amount of users in a given region to evaluate potential events 
  • Compare the group size and engagement before and after a regional chapter event to evaluate programming effectiveness
  • Use to find introductions to other potential customers/members in that region

Activity-Based Segments

Incredibly useful to identify your members’ lifecycle and nurture them into super users, or intervene before they leave.

Use this to meet your objective of increasing engagement with the community. 

Attribute-based segments

This is the most broad of the group and most flexible - you can use these segment to group people based on attributes that exist for your members, from Member Feedback to T-Shirt Size to Birthday. 

To leverage alongside your objectives, think about groups of people with the best potential for engagement. Do you want to send some swag and need to find t-shirt sizes? Birthday messages? Send a feedback survey to people who haven’t filled one out yet? The possibilities are endless for attribute-based segments. 

Think of Segments as your key to unlocking a deeper understanding of your community. Use Segments to inform and inspire actions that help you achieve your objectives.  

Have questions about how you should best leverage Segments to achieve your goals? Reach out to the Commsor Success Team today. 

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