Integrating with Drip

👉  With the Drip integration,  you can easily track all of the members in your inSided community directly in your Commsor member dashboard

You must have log in credentials for your Drip account.

Install the Drip Integration

  • In your Commsor account, click Settings in the main navigation bar, and then select Integrations from the settings side menu.
  • Click on Connect under the Drip integration box.
  • Enter your Drip login credentials, then select which audiences you would like to add. 
  • You'll be redirected back to Commsor. Your Drip integration is now active!

Using the Drip integration:

Many communities broadcast messages and keep their communities informed on Drip, and invite them through Drip links to other platforms where conversation can really take off. With our Drip integration, you can see who your active email consumers are and cater your work to them! 

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