Importing a CSV

👉 Importing can be a great way to upload identifying information about your members, to enrich their profiles and have contact information ready at your fingertips at anytime. 

How to import 

  1. Select Community 
  2. Select Community tab
  3. Select Import from CSV

4. Select, choose your file.

4. Upload the CSV file. Every field should be in its own column, and fields are case sensitive. The file should at least have the name and email field. New member records will be created for new email addresses, or the information will be added to existing member records when the email in the spreadsheet match existing members'. 


  • All cells must be filled with character(s) in order to be accepted. The upload will not be accepted if there are blank cells. 
  • These are the fields we currently support uploading. More will be available in the future. 

Required fields:

  • Name
  • email (unique identifier)

Optional fields:

  • avatar-url
  • city
  • company-name
  • company-website
  • country
  • facebook-url
  • github
  • github-url
  • job-role
  • job-title
  • language
  • level
  • linkedin-url
  • member-since
  • state
  • twitter-handle
  • type
  • website 
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