Create and Manage User Accounts

Inviting New Users

👉 Currently all invited users will have full admin permissions, meaning they will be able to do everything in your account with the exception of inviting new users.

New users can be invited to your account from Your Account ⭢ Settings ⭢ Manage Users

  1.  Click the "Invite New Users" button
  2. Enter the emails of the users you'd like to invite, one email per line, and then click "Send Invites"
  3. These users will receive an email, prompting them to create their account. After creating their accounts they will receive access to your Commsor community

Deleting Users

You can manage which users currently have access to your community from Your Account ⭢ Settings ⭢ Manage Users. To delete a user, simply select the "" button and then confirm the user deletion in the modal.

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