Create and Manage User Accounts

Inviting New Users

👉 Invite team members to become Admins or viewers in your Commsor account, so they can assist you with managing your community.

New users can be invited to your account from Your Account ⭢ Settings ⭢ Manage Users

  1.  Select the Invite New Users button
  2. Enter the emails of the users you'd like to invite, one email per line. Then, add the role you’d like them to have.  Lastly, select Send Invites.

3. These users will receive an email, prompting them to create their account. After creating their accounts they will receive access to your Commsor community

Deleting Users

You can manage which users currently have access to your community from Your Account ⭢ Settings ⭢ Manage Users. To delete a user, simply select the "" button and then confirm the user deletion in the modal.

Managing User Permissions 

Account owner: This is the person who is responsible for communicating about the account with Commsor. Their status cannot be changed to viewer or admin without requesting this from The Account owner can edit and perform all functions. 

Admins can:

  • Edit information
  • Manage events
  • Perform all functions below

Viewers can: 

  • Edit their own account settings
  • View member profiles and activity feeds
  • View and filter dashboard data, segments
  • View swag order data
  • Enable member Audit, edit settings
  • Enable key account tracking

Viewers cannot:

  • Edit member information
  • Manage segments
  • Add integrations
  • Edit account settings
  • Manage users
  • Edit Activity Feed settings
  • Manage events
  • Edit the signup form
  • Create swag order

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