Integrating with ActiveCampaign

๐Ÿ‘‰ With the ActiveCampaign integration, you can easily track all of the members in your community, as well as the outreach your team makes to your members, prospects, leads and current customers.

Our reporting in ActiveCampaign tracks membership and activity across your ActiveCampaign database. 

  1. Select Account, then Integrations to view your available integrations. 
  2. Select Learn More under the ActiveCampaign integration 

  1. Follow the steps to connect your ActiveCampaign account:

How to use your Active Campaign Integration

Once integrated, ActiveCampaign will now appear in the Connections section of your Integrations menu and your member data will start appearing in your dashboard. As a member in Active Campaign engages with your communications to them, that information will appear in that memberโ€™s Activity Feed in Commsor.

This is the activity that will appear in your Activity Feed:

  • Subscribe
  • Unsubscribe
  • Open
  • Forward
  • Click
  • Share
  • Reply
  • Sms_reply
  • Sms_sent
  • Sms_unsub
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